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The Ivy Collection

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The Challenge

The Ivy Collection, a century-old dining institution with 41 establishments in the UK and Ireland, partnered with Radical Path in 2022 to revamp its digital presence, aiming to pioneer the hospitality industry with an innovative digital proposition focused on revenue growth, customer acquisition, and an enhanced guest experience.

Our Solution

The Ivy Collection, recognising the need for a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and an improved tech stack, collaborated with Radical Path to conduct a thorough analysis of guest expectations, leading to insights that informed the design of a customer-centric digital experience. 

By developing the role of a new app and core features, that address administrative aspects and enhance the overall guest experience, The Ivy Collection aims to set new benchmarks in digital hospitality through a focus on functionality, consistency, and personalised moments of delight.


Journey &  Friction Maps

Insights Report

Persona Behavioural Archetypes

CX Touchpoints & Vision (Low & High fidelity)

Functional prototype (High-fidelity)


UK & Ireland

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